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A Guided Tour of Ancient Egypt
by Darlene Bishop, Kent School District. A Guided Tour of Ancient Egypt covers over 1,500 years of ancient Egyptian history. Bishop provides brief but thorough explanations of ancient Egypt's culture and landscape, including Egyptian temples, tombs, pyramids, hieroglyphics, and even the nine stages of mummification.... MORE

The Virtual Ancient Museum
Quick Startby by Pamela Van Walleghen and Renee Cooper, Urbana Middle School, Urbana, IL.The Virtual Ancient Museum presents nine ancient civilizations with classroom activities and WWW resources to support middle school social studies curriculum. Civilizations include Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Maya and Inca, Ancient Africa, and the Middle Ages...MORE

The Asclepion
by Prof. Nancy Demand, Indiana University - Bloomington.The Asclepion provides information on health and medicine in the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Using translations of ancient medical text, historical facts, and images of ancient medical instruments, Demand presents the history of ancient medicine in layman's terms...MORE

Jeeps and Hummers in Antiquity? Crossover Vehicles and Conspicuous Consumption
by Elizabeth Tylawsky, Norwich Free Academy
Jeeps and Hummers in ancient Rome? Tylawsky demonstrates through the letters of the Roman statesman Cicero, the poetry of the Roman poet Horace’s, and historical facts how conspicuous consumption appeared as a public-relations tool in the 1st century CE. Tylawsky focuses her investigation on the modes and styles of transportation...MORE

Ancient Weddings
by Jennifer Goodall Powers, SUNY Albany. Powers' work covers the history of ancient wedding, types of ancient wedding ceremonies, and provides descriptions of ideal marriages in ancient Greek and Roman culture. In addition, Powers takes a close look at the wedding poetry of the ancient Greek lyric poet, Sappho, and the Roman poet Catullus....MORE

The Roman Gladiator
Because of the movie "Gladiator," CTCWeb's editors thought you might want to learn more about gladiators and gladiatorial combat. Here you will find historical information that we collected about the history, origins, and ... MORE

Le Gladiateur Romain...

Greek Gods: The Olympus Twelve
CTCWeb's editors have compiled assignments that students can do to learn the mythological history of the ancient Greek gods. All twelve gods and goddesses are now profiled using a variety of assignments and numerous links to...MORE

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Galen & Circulation by by Matthew Megill, Dartmouth College

Manilius: Poetry & Science After Vergil by by Mary Pendergraft, Wake Forest University

The Asclepion by Prof. Nancy Demand, Indiana University

Ad Astra: Using Latin in a Cross-curricular Science Program by Nathalie R. Roy, Episcopal High School, Baton Rouge, LA

Call for Papers

Hollywood loves the Classics, and we love articles about movies about Classical subjects. CTCWeb invites you to submit your work about Classical subjects in modern films.


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