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The AbleOne Education Network (AbleOne) is an online educational resource for millions of educators, students and other curious minds around the globe. AbleOne is a non-profit organization underwritten by corporate and philanthropic sponsors. For nearly a decade, AbleOne has used the Internet to provide quality teaching and learning resources to its rapidly growing audience of dedicated users worldwide. See “History of AbleOne.”

AbleOne’s mission is to use the Internet to provide free, high quality educational resources to the global education community and beyond. Respected teachers, professors, and scholars produce most of the educational materials on AbleOne. These resources embody the current “best practices” of classroom teachers and college educators. See “AbleOne Sources of Knowledge.”

AbleOne’s resources are continuously expanded and updated by new submissions from a wide range of contributors working in every medium, from print to animation. So students and educators at K-12 and post secondary levels, along with numerous others, return to AbleOne again and again to learn more, understand more, and achieve more. See “Integrated into the Curricula.”

AbleOne has developed a proven formula for attracting and maintaining a rapidly expanding global audience of educated users. This formula provides unique benefits for AbleOne sponsors. See “Benefits of Sponsorship.”

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"I applaud your efforts to provide a forum for teachers (& students) to exchange electronic teaching materials. There is a palpable need and now you are helping to supply the means to address that need."

Allan Wooley,
Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire

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