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Shelton Wins Gold Chalice on CTCWeb

DEDHAM, MA – March 14, 2006 – Sue Shelton is the winner of AbleMedia’s annual Gold Chalice Award for her works Verb Conjugation PowerPoint Presentations and Noun Declension PowerPoint Presentations, available on the AbleOne Education Network’s Classics Technology Center on the Web (CTCWeb, Shelton is a Latin teacher with the Florida Virtual School. “Shelton’s presentations are lively, interactive, and allow teachers to immediately test students’ knowledge of Latin verb and noun endings as they learn them,” said Wendy E. Owens, CTCWeb Editor-in-Chief. “We are delighted to laud these exceptional contributions to CTCWeb with AbleMedia’s Gold Chalice Award.”

In Verb Conjugation PowerPoint Presentations and Noun Declension PowerPoint Presentations, Sue Shelton offers teachers and students outstanding resources for thoroughly understanding the building blocks of the Latin language. Shelton provides teachers with PowerPoint presentations that are engaging and entertaining. Ready for use in the classrooms, these presentations are the tools teachers need to lay down a firm foundation in Latin grammar for their students. Shelton’s PowerPoint presentations on nouns and verbs provide exceptionally clear stepping-stones to success. “I am thrilled to have my work featured on the CTCWeb,” says Shelton. “I hope that they will benefit Latin teachers and students everywhere.”

“I am so thankful to Wendy Owens and my colleagues at AbleOne for their support, outstanding work, and contributions to the Classics community. Their website is a treasure chest full of exemplary work by Classicists and an excellent resource for teachers and students,” Dipillo said. “I was asked on the spot in Nashville in November at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages to make a presentation on this curriculum unit at Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in New York City in April as an example of the recognition I have received based on your generosity.”

Each week AbleOne’s sponsor, AbleMedia, salutes contributors for outstanding submissions to the AbleOne Consortium (, the AbleOne Showcase (, and AbleOne Netshots™ ( Each receives the Bronze Chalice award. AbleMedia awards Silver Chalices for the outstanding submissions of the month. At the end of each year, AbleMedia awards Gold Chalices for the outstanding submissions of the year.

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“I am thrilled to have my work featured on the CTCWeb, I hope that they will benefit Latin teachers and students everywhere."

Sue Shelton, Latin teacher at Florida Virtual School on winning the AbleOne Gold Chalice award

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